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The company is mainly engaged in welding, sheet metal and machining operations.

Sheet metal equipment has 12 meters CNC cutting machine, 160 tons CNC bending machine, 65 tons of press and 3 meters of shearing machine.
Welding equipment includes CO2 gas shielded welding, argon arc welding and electric welding
Machining equipment has 4 meters of Longmen processing center machine, small high-speed machining center machine, CNC lathe, 3 meter lathe, milling machine, surface grinder, cylindrical grinder and other auxiliary equipment
The testing equipment includes three coordinate tester, inner diameter three grasping micrometer, outer diameter micrometer and caliper and other testing tools
Our company mainly engaged in welding, sheet metal processing, machining and processing centers in Longmen processing. Measuring equipment has three coordinates and other commonly used measuring equipment.
Customers of Shanghai ABB Engineering Company Limited, Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Crosby Rolle Machinery Co. Ltd., America klettgau Trading Co. Ltd., SAMP cable machinery (Shanghai) Co. ltd..